Should pest management be taken seriously?

Despite the fact that a lot of people know the damages pest can have on basically any industry, much attention has not been given to it. Because of this, millions of dollars are being lost to the damage by pests.

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The following article by Joe Ballenger discusses why pest management is needed and should be taken seriously.

Why do we need pest management?

Everybody needs to eat. Agriculture is the cornerstone of civilization, and by 2100 we’ll need to be a lot better at agriculture because there may be as many as 11 billion people on this planet. Unfortunately, agriculture is also extremely inefficient. For every 100 lbs of food which could potentially be harvested, only about 30 lbs are used by consumers. Some of these are wasted, but a lot of this is damaged by pests. Read more here.

You likely now know why we need pest control. It might interest you to know that there are different types of pest control method that you can use to address your pest problem.

The following article by landscapeipm shed light on the various types of pest control.

Types of pest control

What is a Pesticide?

A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest.   (Source: EPA)

Pesticides often refer to the type of pest they control, e.g. insecticides kill insects and other arthropods; miticides or acaricides kill spider and mites.

All pesticides are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, multicellular animals used to control insect pests (e.g., parasitic nematodes) are not regulated by EPA as pesticides/insecticides. Read more here

Surely, you now know the various pest control methods. A lot of people know that the methods they use are not implemented because of certain factors like – cost, availability and many more. Because of these factors, many people no longer take pest control seriously.

The following article by platinumhw discusses the importance of pest management.

Importance of pest control

We have all been there, we sweep and vacuum and keep food contained and off the floors.  We can try and try and try but, inevitably, we see a bug.

Whether it is crickets, spiders or the always dreaded cockroach, we know what it means when we see bugs.  Often, if there is one…there is more.

Nobody wants a single bug in their home, let alone an infestation.  With routine pest control, you can keep those pesky creatures at bay and hopefully, out of sight.  Consult a professional and find out exactly what type of pest control your home needs and how often.  The area and it’s common critters will play a role in deciding what type of pest control your home needs as well as your lifestyle.

Nobody wants to see bugs running around their homes, they are unsightly, embarrassing and just gross.  But, there are more reasons to have routine pest control than aesthetics. Read more here.

The bottom line is that pests can cause serious damages and at that, they should be taken seriously. Knowing the various method of pest control is a step in the right direction in eradicating pest for good. Thinking deeply about the importance of pest control is going to push you to do what is necessary to eliminate the pest in your home for good.

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How to Make Tissue Paper

The process of making tissue paper is a long process that starts with extracting the chipped wood from softwood and hardwood trees. This paper is then made into tissue paper using paper converting equipment and cut into rolls of tissues as required by the tissue manufacturing company. There are two different ways to make tissue paper: using virgin paper materials and using recycled paper. You should check out

Using Virgin Paper Materials

In this process, the virgin paper is made by using 30 percent of softwood and 70 per cent of hardwood trees. The paper pulp is then bleached, mixed with water and chemicals to make the tissue paper durable.


1.Firstly machines strip the softwood and hardwood trees and keep as much bark as possible. These logs are then sliced into smaller pieces in machines and separated into batches.

2. These wood chip batches of the trees are then treated with chemicals.

3. This moisture is then used to make pulp by first evaporating it to create lignin ( glue to bind fibres) and cellulose fibres.

4. This pulp is then cleaned of all the lignin and chemicals and then bleached. If the lignin is not removed, the paper will turn yellow over time.

5.The pulp is then mixed with a lot of water in a tank and then sprayed out onto mesh to remove all the excess water.

6.This is then dried, pressed, craved off with metal equipment, made into jumbo reels and then passed over machines that first chop into long strips and then cut them into neat squares.

7.The last step is to cut these squares into rolls and tissue packages.

Using Recycled Materials

The waste materials are collected and sent to the paper mill where is is treated with various chemicals, mixed with water, refined, bleached and made into rolls of tissue paper.


1. After the waste material is treated and made into a fine pulp, it is sent on a jumbo roll to a tissue converting plant that makes into the final product.

2. This converted tissue paper is embossed, pierced and then put on long tissue sheets according to the numbers required by the tissue company.

3. These long tissue sheets are then passed through band saws which cut them into smaller toilet rolls that can be packed.

4. The last step in this process is to ship and distribute these toilet rolls all across the retailers.

Welcome to my blog! Gaining insights and discovering changes in the market intrigues me, hence, I work as a business analyst in various industry. This platform records my discoveries and learning, hopefully, it would benefit you who are reading this! Thank you.