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About Us – your Personal Certified Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists, Vacation Assistants and Destination Specialists to many countries.

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I have traveled extensively throughout my life and am a certified travel consultant. I have been fortunate to count previous residences in more than seven states of the United States, plus Hawaii and the Far East as the wife of a former career Marine for more than 10 years, until 1981.  Getting out and around, I gained a lot of cultural knowledge and met many friends from these travels and sometimes “forced” living conditions.

This business never ceases to amaze me.  The ports change, resorts change hands (sometimes faster than we can keep track of them) but always seem to be better than before.  Hurricanes hit, people chip in and help rebuild, Fires blaze (Greece) and industry wise, people help in one way or another to assist those to come back and rebuild their lives and futures. Since 1997, I found that Travel for fun and adventure would include places such as Canada, Mexico, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Barbados, Maui and Oahu-Islands of Hawaii.

A college business graduate, with an early major (high school then college) in Languages and Humanities, I started in 1997 working with travelers. I used my knowledge of the world and local environs to enrich my “workplace”. Friends and relatives worldwide can and do, give me any assistance on a daily basis for that “special vacation rental hideaway” or “special Honeymoon Romantic” place.  Honeymoons and Destination Weddings in Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico have kept the office busy for the last 7 years as well, with great ones in 2010 which will include a Castle Wedding in Dordorgne, a Catholic/Hindu wedding in Jamaica and so much more.

Dealing directly with vendors in Europe, Australia, the Far East and in the United States as well, my staff or I can usually get answers to your travel questions within 24-48 hours.  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making good, yet very timely decisions for vacation rentals worldwide.

Honeymoons (or Destination Weddings) should be contemplated well in advance, as early as 8 or more months is good planning.  The earlier people book vacation rentals or resort or cruise vacations, whether for family reunions, wedding parties, groups or singles, you often can and do save money not to mention aggravation and disappointment.

My daughter, Vivian and granddaughter Samantha, who can’t wait to travel extensively, help out with web work and reservations as well.  Go2, the cat, assists with keyboard touch-up.  Graziella, my German Shepherd, tells me when the UPS man is here.

Call us, we are here to help you find the perfect Villa or Castle, Destination Wedding venue, or Honeymoon Escape for a romantic vacation in paradise.  Jonathon assists with mail, stamps and pet control.

NEW!  We are the Consultants for THE Wedding Planner in France at three of the various large Chateaux shown.  Also, now available are 3 new wedding planners in France and the UK and a Castle in Dordogne offering great rates.

We are one of three USA (two on mainland one on Hawaii) companies who work exclusively with travel to Bhutan through Yak Adventure Travel  – which covers trekking, meals & more in one price.

Being certified means having extended knowledge, as well as personal and business travel to these countries (Europe, Asia (including Japan, China & Hong Kong), the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii) helps tremendously when assisting people to choose their vacation properties or Honeymoon Destination Escapes. All of the Vendors are people I have been dealing with for up to 10+ years and are highly respected companies in their own right. Most of the companies we work with are headquartered in the countries they specialize in. They all have people who also travel to their properties for yearly inspections and keep up with the rentals. While it is impossible for all of us to go to every property we represent, you can be assured that someone, if not me personally, then someone from one of their offices, have been to the villa, cottage, chalet or castle you desire to live in for a week or more.

I have earned various certifications through continuous courses/seminars by education and travel. I have become a Certified Destination Specialist/Expert in some of the following areas:

  • Celebrity Luxury Cruise Specialist; France Specialist; Italy Specialist
  • South Africa Specialist; Other European Countries Specialist
  • Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist
  • Luxury Resorts Specialist:  RIU, Dreams/Secrets, Almond Resorts, Wynn Las Vegas, Sandals Preferred

Alaska, Hong Kong, Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe & More – we’ve been there, lived there and loved it all!!

Please don’t wait too long to book your Destination Wedding in France, Greece, Islands of the Caribbean, or an Exotic Honeymoon as your Destination is Unlimited, as accommodations and flights are crowded and the most popular places go really really fast.