Airlines and credit cards for food and drink

The airlines – they continue to be a topic of conversation for almost everyone. This topic can become very heated with no help, or at least very little, from almost anyone. But interesting to keep track of because it changes almost daily.

I was reading a blurb from ASTA this morning about the non-cash system aboard airlines now. It amazes me that people still do not know that they will almost ALL need a credit or debit card to buy food or drinks on flights. At least none of us will have to try and remember that we gave the attendant $20 for a glass of wine and need change. I, for one, sometimes have forgotten that during a busy flight. I get my change but… mind tends to go south reading or watching a movie, how attendants on big busy aircraft remember all this is amazing.

It’s amazing to see that credit card machines have taken to the air as well. This fact does not surprise me, but the fact that people who travel are still sometimes clueless about that and what they can/can not take with them on a flight.

Most Continental Airlines flights will accept only debit and credit cards for onboard purchases starting today. The new cashless system will not be available on flights to and from China, the carrier said. Also, cash will continue to be accepted on Continental Micronesia, Continental Connection, and Continental Express flights. The airline plans to go cashless on those flights early next year.

Most domestic flights in the USA have gone “cashless” for a couple months. Most airline companies have also gone to “let’s charge for those suitcases” as well, except as we all know, Southwest!

I, for one, do not know (but it would be interesting to find out) if those “pay as you go credit/debit cards” are taken as payment for food/drinks on airlines. If anyone has tried, let us know whether it works or you were denied.

Travel – still lots of interesting places to go and visit, people to meet and photos for digital or paper albums!