What Are The Parameters One Should Focus On While Selecting An IoT Platform?

Once a company decides to adopt an IoT solution to facilitate their growth and profitability, the next challenge is to identify a good IoT platform to go with the IoT solution. While the market is rife with numerous capable IoT platforms like Lumada and others, choosing the right one is a bit of a challenge as each one has its own quirks and advantages. Most experts are of the opinion that, newbies IoT clients are confused as to what parameters they should focus on while selecting an IoT platform. While there are numerous parameters for IoT platforms,
two among them are extremely crucial for all kinds of enterprises. Businesses are better off evaluating the various IoT platforms with respect to these two parameters while partially ignoring others, as it indicates how compatible it is to their needs.

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In this article we shall discuss, what are the parameters one should focus on while selecting an IoT platform.

IoT platforms will have to be in top shape always, as it needs to analyse and optimise with real time data inputs. Scaling up of processing power with increased load will not always work, as optimisations are a must. While running an enterprise, delays need to be avoided at all costs as it affects the throughput and the quality of end products. It is imperative that the IoT platforms are immune to failures and resilient to operational setbacks, if they are to be truly effective. IoT platforms should be capable of maintaining itself through periodic tune ups and checks, for it to be reliable. Most of the IoT platforms that are available right now leverage both operative factors and architecture to ensure greater reliability.

For far too long, enterprises have underestimated the importance of operability in the technological solutions that they invest in. Operating a bespoke IoT platform is a challenge in itself no matter how experienced the team manning it is, it is imperative that all the components of the IoT platform work well with each other without any complications. This is especially important when IoT platform is characterised by modular architecture. Most experts recommend enterprises to invest in an IoT platform which comes with a dashboard indicating all the key statistics of the IoT platform discretely. This enables enterprises be aware of impending emergencies before it is too late to act.